The system consists of a Bio-Sulfurix™ scrubber tower, a non-clogging inlet distribution system and a layer of non-clogging random packed media. In the Bio-Sulfurix™ tower, the biogas is passing through a layer of carrier material for the sulfur oxidizing bacteria to grow upon. A small amount of air is injected in the biogas for the bacteria to convert H2S into sulfuric acid. The carrier is continuously wetted by a recirculating liquid containing the diluted sulfuric acid. A regular blow down maintains the optimal conditions for the bacteria. No waste products are produced, as the sulfur is ultimately returned to the aerobic treatment as sulfate.

BIO-SULFURIX™ Biogas Desulphurization:

  • No chemical additives required
  • No adsorbent media required (but a carrier instead)
  • Simple operation
  • Very high removal efficiencies
  • Suitable for new systems and retrofits
  • Small blow down
  • Suitable for CHP and boilers with economizer