Green Power and Generators

Biogas can be used as fuel in electrical power generators (gensets), consisting of a standard diesel engine modified for biogas use, and an alternator. Such electrical power generators are on the market in various capacities from small units of less than 100 kW all the way up to 1700 kW.


This becomes all the more interesting as many countries have now introduced legislation which results in a payment by the utility companies of a premium for these “green” kW’s, over and above the normal kW price for power generated by the use of fossile fuels.

In order to secure a trouble-free operation of these gensets, and minimize their maintenance costs (engine oil changes, …), the manufacturers/suppliers have imposed a number of conditions on the quality of the biogas. Prominent among those conditions, apart from a minimum calorific value (CH4 content), are maximum allowable sulphur content and % humidity.

GWE is involved in more and more such projects, and has developed its proprietary SULFURIX™, BIO-SULFURIX™ and GASODRIX™ processes to remove sulphur and humidity from the biogas at low operating costs, together with its almost 30 years’ experience with fully instrumented biogas burners allowing the continued use of 100% of the produced biogas without the use of a (costly, troublesome) gas holder, allows us to offer the complete biogas handling system, from the exit of the anaerobic digester(s) all the way up to the gas inlet of the genset.

GWE further offers its expertise to use the heat recoverable from the gensets (radiator, turbo intercooler and exhaust gasses) for low to medium temperature heating applications in the client’s production process (and/or to heat up the digester influent in cold countries), in so called CHP (Combined Heat and Power) configurations.