GLOBAL WATER ENGINEERING or GWE is a group of companies specialized in industrial wastewater treatment, water recycling, digestion of biomass, sludge and slurries, biogas production and use

Its main expertise, based on 30 years of practical experience, lies in the biological treatment of medium and high strength organic wastewater by anaerobic and/or aerobic processes.

For anaerobic wastewater treatment, GWE is one of the world market leaders in this field. GWE’s founder and Chairman/CEO, JEAN PIERRE OMBREGT, is a pioneer of modern anaerobic wastewater treatment, his involvement dating back as far as 1972.

This top of the line anaerobic treatment technology is complemented with extensive experience in aerobic treatment processes for BOD and nitrogen removal (nitrification, denitrification), various proprietary processes for anaerobic digestion of Biomass, Sludge and slurries, and extensive experience and references in the use of the biogas as renewable fuel in boilers and electrical power generators.

GWE’s know how is backed up by more than 300 operating plants in more than 70 countries worldwide.
As an engineering contractorGWE designs and builds tailor-made solutions that meet the client’s needs.

GWE guarantees results and provides all services to successfully complete each project. Projects are executed in line with GWE’s Quality Assurance System, based on ISO 9001-2004.

GWE is best positioned to supply affordable state-of-the-art technologies to the world. Uncompromising customer dedication makes GWE "YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER". This proved to be a successful recipe for rapid company growth, particularly in servicing multinational corporations and global Fortune 500 companies.

Mission Statement
GWE aims to be a reliable supplier of environmental and water treatment technology, of international standard, adapted to the local situation, and at affordable prices. GWE supplies practical and modern technologies, "best buy" solutions that work well, meet all guarantees and satisfy our clients and business partners.

Chairman & CEO of GWE Group

Jean-Pierre Ombregt