01/02/2016: Global wastewater leader’s full control of GW&E enhances North American access to award-winning clean green technologies

A global leader in industrial wastewater treatment, waste-to-energy and water quality achievements, Global Water Engineering (GWE), has attained full control of the Austin, Texas based company Global Water & Energy (GW&E), in a move that will enhance US and Canadian access to proven, award winning technologies.

GWE owned 30% of GW&E's shares since its incorporation in February 2009, but has now acquired the remaining 70%.

GWE Chairman and CEO Jean Pierre Ombregt said the negotiated takeover would extend GW&E’s considerable record of successes in North America to date and further North American markets’ direct access to the latest GWE technologies, such as the IChemE Award winning RAPTORTM Process for thermophilic and mesophilic anaerobic digestion of all kinds of organic residues, and the FLOTAMET™ Process for anaerobic treatment of oil and fat containing industrial effluents.

 Highly experienced waste water and green energy engineer Mr Ian Page, who under the former JV ownership of GW&E was managing the company, will under the new sole ownership of GWE continue to do so, but he will primarily be focusing on Proposals and Sales in the North American market, reporting to Arjan den Breejen, GWE Group's Executive Vice-President for Sales & Proposals.

In this task Ian will have direct access to the full suite of GWE's capabilities deployed over more than 350 successful waste water treatment and green energy plants globally.

 It is expected that, thanks to GWE's full control and support of GW&E, that company will finally rise to its full potential. Jean Pierre Ombregt believes that GW&E will start to contribute in a very serious way to the Sales and bottom line of GWE Group from 2016 onwards.

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