17/11/2010: New: SUPERSEP gets a twin sister

Since years GWE’s SUPERSEP™ lamella separator system has served well in many projects and for many clients. This very compact system is particularly suited to treat high flows of wastewater with moderate amounts of well settleable  solids. A typical application has been for solids removal in brewery wastewater, prior to further treatment in advanced high rate systems. For different applications and for recovery of biological sludge from the effluent of biological reactors, digestors and lagoon systems, GWE has developed a twin system to its classic SUPERSEP™, now called SUPERSEP™-DF due to its predominantly downflow operation mode. The new SUPERSEP™-CF system is a crossflow lamella separation system operating in a similar way to the sludge separation system in GWE’s ANUBIX™ anaerobic reactors in use for over 20 years. It has proven to be very suitable to treat dilute sludge streams with high amounts of even slow settling particles. The new SUPERSEP™-CF can be delivered in prefabricated steel ISO container size units with up to 150 m³/h flow capacity, or can be designed in concrete, with internals delivered in stainless steel and polyester. Such concrete systems are particularly suited for very large flows and for underground installation after anaerobic lagoons.

Marc Eeckhaut, EVP Sales & Marketing, says: “This new addition in our product portfolio comes at the right time. Though we had a similar system 20 years ago, the new system fills a gap in today’s market, where more and more existing poorly performing plants need an upgrade. Also existing anaerobic lagoons can be upgraded, by recovering biomass from the outlet and recycling the bugs back into the lagoon.”

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