Process Consulting and Assistance

Our specialists in treatment of wastewater provides process and technical advice to industries all over the world covering a wide range of processes and technologies. You can rely on them for:

  • process audit of treatment plant
    We define optimalisations of the operation and configuration of the plant to get the maximal performance of the wastewater treatment plant.

  • Upgrade of treatment plants
    Whenever your treatment plant is outdated, we will select the required concept and state of the art technology to upgrade your treatment plant.

  • Trouble shooting
    You can count on our experts whenever the performance of your treatment plant is not inline with the expectations. We guarantee you a close follow up and full support.

  • Assistance and training of operators
    Knowledge and understanding is the key to a stable performance of a water and wastewatertreatment plant. GWE provides training tailored to the needs of your organisation. By a combination of theory training and practical techniques provide a maximum in house knowledge.

  • Remote follow up of performance of the treatment plant
    The composition of wastewater varies from day to day. A biological system requires continuous adjustments and will never run on 'automatic pilot'. GWE guides you through the process technical daily operation of the treatment plant.
    This continuous support ensures a steady operation of the treatment plant taking preventive actions to avoid problems and accurate remediation actions in case of worse effluent quality.

  • On site process-technical assistance
    If you need some extra hands to run your treatment platn, GWE can offer you skilled process engineers, dealing with the day to day operation and management of your treatment plant.

  • Laboratory equipment and analysis
    Easy to use equipment to gather the required data at each point of the treatment plant is essential for a good follow-up of the plant performance. We assist you in the implementation of an adequate monitoring program.

  • Feed back to production facilities
    Rather than end-of-pipe actions, good housekeeping in production is the best way to save treatment capacity.

  • Lab and pilot scale testing
    A new installation or a modification to an existing plant is not a decision that should be taken without proper evaluation. Proper testing in order to fully understand the impact of any modification is essential to the success of any project. Laboratory tests can give a lot of information and pilot scale tests can provide the final answer.