Wastewater Treatment and Recycling

GWE has 30 years experience with all types of wastewater, in particular industrial, which makes us the most reliable and global partner for all your wastewater needs.

Our extensive list of advanced anaerobic, aerobic and physicochemical processes is second to none, which means we offer tailor made solutions for all types of wastewater with mainly organic pollution. With our range of primary, secondary and tertiary treatment applications we can achieve up to 99% COD removal in some types of wastewater, e.g. starch industry wastewater with 15,000 mg/l COD.

GWE specialises in anaerobic treatment systems, as they offer major economical advantages compared to aerobic treatment systems.

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- Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment
- Aerobic Wastewater Treatment
- Physicochemical Wastewater Treatment
- Tertiary Treatment & Recycling
- Ventair Treatment

For pictures of a few actual GWE wastewater treatment plants, click here.