Aerobic Wastewater Treatment
Once the solution for almost any type of wastewater, nowadays, aerobic treatment is mostly limited to diluted industrial wastewater and municipal applications. Alternatively it is used as a final or polishing step after anaerobic treatment.

Aerobic treatment is an energy demanding process, in contrast to anaerobic systems that generate energy. Moreover while aerobically converting the wastewaters organic pollutants into carbon dioxide and water a significant amount of excess sludge (biomass) is produced. This is a substantial disadvantage since excess biomass has to be disposed as a solid waste at significant cost.

However, when aiming to meet natural waters discharge limits, it is still impossible to design a full biological treatment for any type of wastewater without applying at least one aerobic step.

Therefore, when developing its anaerobic wastewater treatment range, GWE at the same time did not forget its aerobic array of treatment systems.
GWE now offers a complete range of wastewater treatment solutions able to meet any discharge requirements.

GWE's Range of Products
+ ACTIVOX™: Conventional activated sludge system
+ ASTEROX™: Advanced multi stage activated sludge system with N+P removal 
+ SEQUOX™: Conventional Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) 
+ CYCLOX™: Continuous aerobic SBR
+ MEMBROX™: Membrane bioreactor (MBR) system
+ Nitrification and denitrification (N-removal)
+ Biological phosphate removal (P–removal)



Activated Sludge System

GWE's conventional activated sludge system applicable in most standard solutions. The basic package consists of an activated sludge step with final clarification and sludge return. The system is simple, robust, and reliable in operation.
Key-words: secondary treatment, anaerobic effluent polishing, flash aeration (without secondary clarifier).


Advanced activated Sludge Systems
Tailor-made, state-of-the-art activated sludge treatment. Through the use of selectors (bulking sludge control), and the plug-flow design with denitrification possibilities, all means are delivered for treatment of relatively complicated wastewaters whilst at the same time ensuring to meet discharge limits. 
Keywords: secondary treatment, anaerobic effluent polishing, nitrification/denitrification, nutrient removal.


Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)

A no-nonsense flexible "all-in-one-tank" system, ideal also for small projects with variable wastewater composition and seasonal production. It is operated in an ever repeating sequence of filling, aerating, settling and draining. SEQUOX™-2 uses two tanks to allow continuous wastewater intake.
Keywords: secondary treatment, nitrification/denitrification, flexible flow treatment.


Cyclic Sequencing Batch Reactor
GWE's cyclic batch system treats wastewater in 3 or more activated sludge basins, of which one serves as settling tank during a few hours. There is no separate clarifier. Every few hours another basin serves as settling tank and flow directions are changed. Ideal solution for bigger projects with variable wastewater composition and seasonal production.
Keywords: secondary treatment, nitrification/denitrification, nutrient removal, highly flexible loads and flows.


Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) 

For maximum purification and as a step to water recycling, GWE recommends its MEMBROX™ system.
It is a compact system with an aeration basin and a membrane ultra-filtration stage using submerged hollow fiber or plate membrane modules arranged in a series of filtration chambers. Conservative design allows for reliable performance and low operational costs.
Keywords: secondary treatment, tertiary treatment, recycling, nitrification/denitrification, nutrient removal, high-tech.