Completely mixed “once-through” mesophilic ANAMIX™-M (35 – 40°C) or thermophilic ANAMIX™-T (45 – 55°C)  digestor, used for very high strength, very high COD or TSS containing effluents, sludge and slurries.


GWE designs and supplies its ANAMIX digesters up to 10,000 m³, in steel or concrete, including all necessary accessories.

Special features:

  • Highly efficient mechanical mixing
  • External and internal heating
  • Bottom grit removal
  • Floating layer control and destruction.


The “ANAMIX™ is a CSTR type of reactorThe wastewater – sludge mixture enters the ANAMIX™ at the bottom and leaves at the top with recycle outlet at the opposite side of the entry.

Good mixing by means of a top entry multi-stage agitator ensures that the influent is in constant contact with the biomass for optimal mass transfer and conversion of COD to biogas.