Reactor with an ultrahigh loading-rate with expanded granular sludge bed (EGSB) technology.

The ANUBIX™-T is typically used for easy degradable wastewaters.

Main advantages of the ANUBIX™- T:

  • Low maintenance, no-nonsense system
  • Superior three-phase separator allows for granular or flocculent sludge operation
  • Gas-holder not required through integrated storage capacity
  • Steel or concrete construction of tanks
  • Capable of handling medium loading rates (up to 25 kg COD/m3.d depending on the type of effluent)
  • Suitable for wastewaters with COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) values of up to around 25,000 mg/l.

Wastewater enters the reactor at the bottom via a special distribution system.

The ANUBIX™-T is equipped with a special “2 phase” separator in the lower half of the reactor and a "3 phase separator" device at the top of the reactor.

The 2-phase lower separator diverts the biogas produced in the bottom area of the reactor to specific locations, where the curtains of rising biogas and water (gas-lift) are formed. This creates a vertical mixing pattern in the tower reactor.
After passing through a second step of anaerobic active methanogenic sludge (the so called "sludge blanket") the wastewater/sludge mixture passes through the internal 3-phase separator device at the top of the reactor.

The modular 3-phase separator units are built in stainless steel and GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester), and are equipped with an additional cross-flow type parallel plate separator that ensures that even the smallest flocs of methanogenic sludge are retained.

The effluent leaves the reactor through the central collecting pipe.

Biogas is collected at the top and conveyed for either, further upgrading in e.g. a SULFURIX™ and/or GASODRIX™, after which it can be fed to a CHP unit, or, it directly feeds into a boiler system for steam production. Excess biogas can always be sent to the emergency flare.