COHRAL™ Anaerobic Lagoon
The COHRAL™ system comprises a high rate covered anaerobic lagoon, used as alternative reactor type for very high strength effluents (e.g. molasses distillery wastewater) where space is not an issue.

A COHRAL™ anaerobic lagoon consists of two zones. The complete surface of the lagoon is covered with an influent distribution system.

The first and largest part receives the major part of the incoming wastewater and therefore this zone is the actual reaction zone. The influent together with the recycled effluent of the lagoon is injected here.

The influent distribution system ensures good contact between the substrate (=influent) and the sludge, which improves the performance and stability of the system. Therefore higher loading rates can be applied than conventional lagoon systems.

The second and smaller zone of the lagoon serves as a polishing and (pre-)settling zone where a partial clarification of the effluent wastewater takes place. Settled sludge is collected by means of a sludge collection pipe, installed on the bottom of the lagoon.

The supernatant of the pre-settling compartment constitutes the lagoon effluent. It is collected in the effluent holding basin. Part of the anaerobic effluent is recycled back to the lagoon.

As a final polishing step and for recovery of residual sludge particles, the treated effluent passes through a GWE SUPERSEP™- CF(S) lamella separator.