MEMBRAX™ is GWE's anaerobic membrane bioreactor system (MBR), with external cross-flow sludge filtration. MEMBRAX™ is ideal for small flows and has a high performance.

The heart of GWE’s MEMBRAX™ system is the actual membrane filtration stage consisting of the membrane modules and various associated equipment (effluent + backwash pumps, CIP cleaning systems) and instrumentation.

The methane reactor is of the ANAMIX™-type.

The complete unit is supplied prefabricated and skid mounted.

The ceramic membranes are made entirely from silicon carbide (SiC). This means that both the carrier and the thin membrane layer deposited on the carrier is made from the same material.

This innovation presents a range of important performance benefits to the users:

  • HIGHEST FLUX for any membrane material
  • Chemically inert (pH 0-14)
  • Thermally resistant up to 800 ˚C
  • Lowest contact angle to water
  • High porosity (˜45%)
  • Hydrophilic material (water loving)
  • Extremely hard and durable material
    2930 +/- 80 kg/mm3 (Vickers scale)