The SUPERFLOT™-BIOGAS is used for high efficiency removal of anaerobic biomass from the effluent of an anaerobic treatment system. The anaerobic biomass is returned to the anaerobic system, thus increasing the sludge retention time. Consequently the size of the anaerobic treatment system can be reduced significantly.

The biomass is separated by means of flotation, in this case Dissolved Biogas Flotation (DBF). Solids are forced to float by fine biogas bubbles attaching to these solids. These fine gas bubbles are created by recycling clean effluent, in which biogas is dissolved under pressure. After injection, into the lower part of the flotation tank, the pressure release results in formation of fine biogas bubbles. Since biogas is used instead of air, the system has a completely enclosed design.

Some key advantages of the SUPERFLOT™-BIOGAS are:

  • Reliable operation and superior removal efficiencies
  • Reduced footprint of anaerobic treatment systems
  • Transparent roof compartments for monitoring of operation
  • No odor release from degasification of anaerobic effluent
  • High solids concentration in the separated sludge, thus reducing disposal costs of excess anaerobic sludge
  • Optional bottom auger for sediment removal