The compact, cross-flow SUPERSEP™-CF system can be used in various applications where solids separation is required.

The SUPERSEP™-CF is a special lamella type separator (parallel plate separator), with modular plate package modules.

The smaller standard units are built in (stainless) steel tanks with standard container sizes and with 2 longitudinal sludge collection troughs, each equipped with a sludge conveying auger (SUPERSEP™-CFS).

Inlet and outlet for the standard design are on opposite (long) sides.

Larger units are built in concrete (SUPERSEP™-CFC), with several conical sludge collection “funnels”, each with an independent and adjustable sludge withdrawal system.

Large concrete SUPERSEP™-CFC systems are usually designed as twin systems, with two inlets on opposite sides and a central outlet collection system.
Optionally the SUPERSEP™-CFC can also be supplied with sludge conveying augers.

Apart from offering the typical advantages of conventional lamella separators the SUPERSEP™-CF lamella separators are distinguished by:
  • Robust and compact design based on many years of experience
  • Minimal head loss
  • Adjustable overflow weirs
  • Flexible design for tailor-made solutions, e.g. in- and outlet on the same side
  • Optional integration of flocculation/degasification and outlet collection chamber
  • Optional integration of automatic corrosion free scraper system for floating sludge removal