For specific cases where space and high efficiency is an issue GWE has developed the SUPERSEP™-DF system.

This super-efficient parallel plate separator is available in standardized sizes and separation modules.

Specific advantages of the SUPERSEP™-DF compared to conventional lamella separators are:
  • Reduced footprint
  • Efficient countercurrent sludge separation, combined with co-current sludge removal, which is important in case of fragile organic sludge flocs.
  • Downward flow pattern, which suppresses degasification and settling problems
  • Retention of floating matter before entering the separation area
  • Cleaning possibilities during operation: backwashing of individual rows of modules (manual or automated), removal of individual lamella modules for cleaning by e.g. water spraying
  • Simple “high” cylindrical tank (steel) or square basin (concrete) construction,
  • High position of the effluent outlet, allowing gravity flow to further treatment steps.

The SUPERSEP™-DF clarifier consists of a tank with conical bottom, in which the clarifier modules are mounted in rows, next to each other. These clarifier modules consist of Ʌ shaped “hoods”, stacked upon each other, around a central vertical collector duct. Clear liquid is collected at the apex of each “hood”, where it is evacuated downwards through the central duct and then sideward to the effluent outlet.

Between the clarifier modules elements, the sludge flows from top to bottom, thereby gradually increasing in concentration.

Backwashing through the vertical collection duct is a simple operation, both automatically and manually. Backwashing is accomplished by flow reversal in one row of modules, or by water flushing from the top, one module at a time. Separated sludge is collected at the tank bottom, where it is withdrawn in the underflow.