The Odorix™  biofilter is an effective odor removing system for biological wastewater treatment plants.

This biofilter is designed according to German VDI guidelines for biofilters and built as a rectangular tank from corrosionfree high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Key features and Advantages:

  • Effectively degrades odorous compounds, organic acids and hydrogen sulfide
  • The filter media consists of, often locally available, woodchips
  • There is no need for chemicals
  • Operational costs are extremely low if compared to chemical scrubbers for odor treatment
The ODORIX™ includes an air moistening chamber, with spraying nozzles and a recycle pump and a filter chamber. Some fresh water is added periodically via a timer controlled magnetic valve, compensating for evaporation losses and keeping the filter media moist.

Various microorganisms (moulds, bacteria) grow in the moist filter layer and degrade or oxidize the odorous compounds dissolved in the moist material.

Organic acids are completely degraded. Hydrogen sulfide is oxidized to sulfur and sulfuric acid, which is then neutralized by the lime.